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Koomakids.com is now NaturalGenius.jp
Access your child's natural genius for language learning

This site is here to support you as you guide your child through their English learning experience. For a year now we have been busy moving and building a new English Conversation School PIIC. We have chosen a new name for this site and the learning materials we produce to celebrate our new beginning. Please come back to NaturalGenius.jp regularly as it grows.

英会話 英語の読み方、フォニクス、発音 英語の歌 英語の活動、ゲーム

Natural Genius strives to create the most fun and engaging lessons and the most effective English learning for small children. Each lesson includes carefully created contextual communication activities to allow your child to access all of their natural skills to master the target language. Lessons also include fun and intensive practice with drills and songs of the same target language to give the child an intense and yet always fun chance to build language skills. Every lesson includes both systematic phonics training and whole-laguage experience from stories and immersion style native communication with the teacher. Natural Genius lessons are crafted and paced to capture the attention of the student and always leave them excited and invigorated about English.

Natural Genius produces high quality ESL learning materials. Lessons are built around hundreds of digital images controlled by the teacher and projected on a large screen. Small children do not have the skills to look at texts and the teacher simultaneously. The large screen solves this problem by allowing the child to clearly see the written English, its contextual meaning provided by the illustrations, and the face and mouth of the teacher all in the same view. Natural Genius also strives to use real 3D objects as well as illustrated cards to allow the students to hold and use the items they are naming and describing in English. Natural Genius' focus on quality materials helps us to create the most engaging, absorbing, and easily understandable lessons available.
Although, all materials are used in the lesson live without set pace or recorded voices, occasionally Chris will record a soundtrack to one of our songs or drills and upload it on our study page as a service to the broader community of children's ESL. We would appreciate it if you would create links to our site or help spread the word about us among your friends and colleagues.


Natural Genius is at PIIC. Our and materials-development studio are housed in PIIC (pronounced peek): “Premia International Immersion Center”, which also serves its community in Hiroshima City with private and small group 2~3 students lessons for students age 6 to adult. Please visit our the PIIC and Natural Genius School section of our web site (currently in Japanese text only) to see our school and how we are striving to create a new standard of quality for English education in Japan.



アメリカ人教師The Natural Genius Team is made up of husband and wife Chris and Suzana. Chris teaches pre-K (Natural Genius) lessons at PIIC Kids and does the writing, audio, multimedia, and graphic design for Natural Genius and PIIC. He is originally from Michigan in the United States. While studying in China and Japan, he became very excited about the processes of language and cross-cultural learning. After receiving a BA in Asian Studies with a minor in film production he came to Japan to teach in the public schools on the JET program. He is now in his 13th year teaching English to the children of Japan. He has always been very focused on the learning styles of children, materials development, and the planning and pacing of lessons to most effectively engage and instruct young learners. He and his wife Suzana are raising two young girls.


Zana Designs produces the illustrations of NaturalGenius.jp
Suzana is the owner and administrator of PIIC and a skilled illustrator.She does the character design for many of the Natural Genius videos and the illustrations you will find on the site. For more samples of her work please see her sketch diary of her trip with our daughter to visit their grandparents in USA... New Mexico Daily If you are interested in having her illustrate for your professional project please contact her directly at... mailpiic@gmail.com.
Please write ZanaDesigns in the subject of the mail.


Materials availability and copyrite
We do not have DVDs or any other items for sale at this time. All materials are available under a temporary open copyrite. You are welcome to use the materials and Youtube videos if you follow these rules...
1. Koomakids videos and materials may not be modified or edited in any way.
They must remain in their current form. They must display the NaturalGenius.jp, PIIC.jp. or Koomakids.com logos.
2. When original Natural Genius Youtube videos are embedded, they must be clearly linked to http://piic.jp or http://naturalgenius.jp.
3. Print materials may not be distributed from any digital source but the piic.jp site.
4. When used in lessons, the source site PIIC.jp or NatutalGenius.jp must be told to the clients.
5. No Natural Genius materials may be sold or profited from in any way.

If you find any of these rules are being broken, please contact us at